L17 Laser Shooting Simulator

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1.Electric recoil
2.Electronic Magazine
3.Last round hold open
4.Trigger Control

-Military police and shooting training
-IPSC-IPDA-3GUNS shooters training
-Shooting experience area of National Defense Education Base
-Shooting Enthusiast

The L17 laser shooting simulator fully simulates the operation of real handguns, including the functions of electric recoil, electronic magazine, last round hold open, trigger wall and loading. Besides, the size of it can meet the requirement of regular holster, which improves the safety and efficiency of training and saves the training cost and

Product features

1. Electric recoil

2. Electronic Magazine 
A. Design of the bullets

(Grid will reduce one by two shots)
B. Last round hold open

3. Trigger Control
(1) Hammer Percussion

(2) Pound force: 3.6-6.2LB
(3) Trigger stroke (A —> B —> C)
(4) Combination bit (B)

4. Application


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