AKP1 Laser Network Intelligent Target System
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AKP1 Intelligent Target System is consisted of a LED display, a controller and a group of shooting targets. Intelligent target built-in battery and wireless transmitter, according to the command from the controller will automatically stand up and down. The system includes 9 shooting modes, ranging from easy to difficult, including time-limit shooting and hostage target can't shoot rules, allowing the shooter to improve the speed of shooting, but also can experience the previous shooting pleasure.
1. 3 in 1 Intelligent Target System
AKP1 can be used for laser, airsoft, water bomb, which is a real 3 in 1 intelligent target system. 
--Laser intelligent target system is suitable for indoor laser shooting training.
--Airsoft and water bomb shooting is suitable for indoor and outdoor shooting training stages
2. Interactive Automatic target system
What makes Auto Target system so revolutionary is its advanced hit detection technology. This provides immediate feedback of shot accuracy at any distances.

The available targets detect shots from Bullets. The target sends a digital signal back to the display.
The LED display Synchronous shows total time, missed and wrong shots. The controller remotely controls the running status and shooting mode of the targets.
3. Wireless Automatic target system


With built-in battery, the system can continuously work about 72 hours, so it is very convenient and fast to set up indoor/outdoor shooting stages.

4. Wireless remote control of all targets within 200 meters

No more walking downrange to replace targets, press the controller can start next round shooting.
The AKP1 Auto Targets System is battery operated, so there is no need for access to power outlets. Plus it disassembles easily for transportation back and forth to the range. Additional targets are available with bullseye, animal and other shape designs.

5. Maximum 200 targets can be wireless connected as a kit
Each controller can control up to 200 targets over a range of 3 kilometers.

6. Wireless synchronous connection, convenient and fast
There is no wire connection between targets, the LED display and the controller, realizing a true wireless connection.

The target up and down automatically and adds the time-limited shooting rule & hostage target can not shoot rule. With L17 and L17-95 laser shooting simulator, it challenges the limit of shooting speed and accuracy of military and police.

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