Shooter’s Exclusive Spring Festival Firecracker Comes~
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92 laser shooting simulator is consisted of bluster 92 model and blue laser response tube. It simulates the firing operation of the real gun and can be pulled the sleeve, disassemble, release the sleeve on the hook, and switch the safety key to release the hammer.

This product can apply to national defense education and training, military summer camps, military, police training academy and other legal purposes that comply with laws and regulation.

1. Laser Shooting Simulator


First, let's click on the video to learn how to install the laser tube~

2. 92-APP Laser Shooting Training System

Use with Laser Shooter APP

You can use the stages in the APP for shooting training in $9.9 ~

There are many kinds of targets in the APP for you to choose

Basic precision training

IDPA basic training

Humanoid steel target training

There are more target shapes waiting for you to explore~

3. Laser Sensing Target Kit


Precision training

Quick release holster and fast shooting training


Built-in shot timer and audio, training will be more convenient with light respond.


Train whenever and you want.

4. L17 Intelligent Target Kit

Fast reaction shooting training

Quick release holster training

Up-and-down mode with light respond makes shooting training more interesting~

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