Smart CPR Trainer
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The Smart CPR training simulator adopts advanced detecting technology to offer trainee training scores and assessment results and the blowing tube design makes it more realistic, which can guarantee every trainees get professional and effective CPR training.

1.Register a personal account

2.The software supports WeChat and account login, which is convenient for customers to log in, not easy to forget the account password, and it is also convenient to use functions such as payment.

3.Paid experience function is required after login


In order to achieve better digital management, the team leader can invite the trainer to join the team, or the trainer can apply to join the team group.


The group leader can also review in the background and determine whether to allow users to join the group


Personal Center-Set up a qualifying score


Personal training mode settings

Training mode


(The device is not connected)                           (Device connected state)


              (Training score)                                         (Switch training equipment)

(Personal training/assessment records)


(Personal data analysis)                                           (Detailed data analysis)

Assessment mode


            (Assessment mode setting)                 (Switch training mode to-assessment mode)


   (Start assessment)                                                     (Assessment score)  


(The group leader can check the group members)(The team leader can check the training and 

                                                                                      assessment records of the team members)


Analyze the score data of group members)

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