The difference between PIE shot timer and former shot timers
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Pie shot timer is independently developed by indesign. It is the latest shot timer in the world. It is different from the former shot timers, mainly reflected in the following points.

1.Three in one.

 It can be used for both firearms and air guns as well as stop watches.

For firearms

For airsoft

For stop watch

The PIE shot timer was used in all 30 stages of the IPSC Action Air World Shooting Championship 2018. It accurately recorded the results of the competition for more than 600 players from 18 countries and regions.

The PIE shot timer will also be used in all 20 stage of 2018 TPSA LEVEL III ACTION AIR CHAMPIONSHIP, which will once again accurately record the results of the competition for players from various countries and regions. Registration entrance

2.Wireless connection with LED Board within 50 meters to achieve data synchronization update.

3.Easy to use

Indicator light guide. There are two buttons on the top of the PIE shot timer, which are equipped with red and green lights. Which button lightened where to press.

Graphical guide。*means be selected, “→”means press into the next settings or back. “√”means do, “×” means undo.

There are 4 short cut keys on the bottom of the shot timer.

One-click entry/exit shortcut settings, volume adjustment, sensitivity, frequency adjustment.

4.Work status display

In the working state, the red indicator light will flashing and the S on the screen will flashing too until the stop button is pressed, S will become to P and stop flashing. and the flashing red light will also go out. The green indicator light will illuminate.

The screen light will automatically light up for easy viewing of the data,when received each hit.

5.Stylish and practical design

Palm size, light and compact, digital characters, high resolution, quite clear. Widescreen can display more data.

Silicone button, beautiful, flexible, good touch.


Can customize the language you want ( bilingual)


8.Drop test of shot timer.

9.Freezer test of shot timer






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